Southpaw Reawakens Glenglassaugh with a Multi-Sensorial Brand Launch Campaign

The global campaign celebrates the wonderful soul-place of this contemporary coastal whisky and calls for a reconnection with nature to truly appreciate Glenglassaugh’s distinctive flavour profile.

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Strategic creative agency, Southpaw, has unveiled an expressive new campaign for the launch of Glenglassaugh – the coastal single malt owned by spirits giant, Brown Forman. In what is being deemed as a revival of this hidden gem, Southpaw has crafted a distinctive, highly-evocative and beautiful launch which celebrates the distilleries unique position on the wonderful Sandend Bay, and the untold story of the brands unrivalled connection to its shores.

Through a strategic deep dive into Glenglassaugh’s precious coastal heritage and having discovered about the exceptional process used to distil the liquid, the Southpaw team were inspired to develop a concept that not only celebrates and elevates the brand, but also effectively leverages a consumer truth centred on the wellbeing-need for a reconnection with nature encouraged by a pull for simplicity and calmness in today’s busy world.

Claire Lambell, Managing Director of Southpaw, said: ‘Glenglassaugh is the most beautiful brand and we have loved having the opportunity to continue our partnership with Brown Forman to launch this re-awakened coastal single malt to the premium whisky world stage. We found an opportunity to move Glenglassaugh from a traditional whisky brand to a contemporary lifestyle whisky that is aspirational yet grounded and found that it’s impossible to separate the whisky from its soul-place in Sandend Bay. Both the whisky and the coast awaken your spirit and with nearly 60% of the world’s population living in urban areas, helping people connect with nature through Glenglassaugh whisky becomes an aspirational proposition. The resulting campaign ‘Awaken the Senses’ is an emotive brand story, which we believe will carve out distinction and resonate with our audience.’

The fully integrated campaign toolkit covering social content, website assets, key visuals, OOH, retail, press, photography, tasting videos and a brand film directed by Glenn Smith (Creative Director at Southpaw) and production partners, Irresistible Studios, beautifully brings to life the spirited energy of Sandend Bay and the abundance of nature that surrounds the distillery. Launched initially in the UK, the campaign was created to translate effectively across key global markets such as the US, Australia and Asia.

Calum Gee, Global Brand Manager, concluded: ‘The launch of Glenglassaugh's new portfolio is a turning point for the brand, celebrating a lush, coastal spirit shaped by land and sea. Through Southpaw’s partnership and strategic vision, the team reimagined our distinctive coastal positioning through a captivating campaign that resonates with our consumer target and aligns to our values. This inspired a beautifully simple yet invigorating

creative look and feel that honours the wonderful union of land and sea at Sandend Bay and will help to launch Glenglassaugh confidently on the global single malt stage.’

The new Glenglassaugh range is now available across the UK and in global markets gradually from June 2023.