Challenger Ways #6: Three Things Challenger Brands Can Learn From Love Island

Benriach Original 10

1. Get Grafting​

Challenger brands need to ‘get grafting’ to stand out amongst saturated markets- a lesson I think we can all agree, Islanders grow through daily whilst in the villa. Challenger brands should focus more on getting remembered, not just noticed; the islanders all know how to catch someone’s eye, but how do they keep their attention and develop a relationship? Just like the islanders looking for love, if brands want to drive customer loyalty they need to deliver on both style AND substance. It’s got to be about more than just great looks or great product, if you don’t connect with people on a deeper emotional level too then you won’t be able to turn a one-night stand into a lasting love affair.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket​

​As a challenger brand you should never put all your eggs in one basket, as many islanders have discovered this year​ it could leave you in a vulnerable position look at Tyrique when Ella arrived back from Casa Amour hand in hand with Ouzy. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for the various challenges that may arise - no two days are the same so ensure you have a fool-proof-plan in place that you can fall back on.  

3. Channel your inner Bombshell

Just like the numerous Bombshells we’ve seen on Love Island over the years (remember the ultimate bombshell, Molly-Mae?), challenger brands should be feisty, memorable and not afraid to ‘turn heads’. It is essential to speak your truth and go for exactly what you are after.  

Just like previous bombshells, don’t be afraid to tread on the toes of more established brands that consumers are already ‘coupled up with’. Consumers are never as ‘closed off’ with brands as you may think they are, so if you see a small gap in the door, be brave and bust right through it!​ Think back to the unforgettable spat between Big Mac and Whopper - ‘pick on someone your own size’ -it’s always worth a shot, right?