Challenger Ways #13- Three Things Challenger Brands Can Learn From Office Tok

Think #OfficeTok is just another fleeting TikTok fad? Think again. Read on to discover three reasons why pulling back the curtain on day-to-day life behind your brand can deliver brilliant results for challenger brands.

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A challenger mindset requires brands to switch on their strategic radar, particularly when it comes to learning from disruptive brands.​

That’s why we’re sharing 3 ways that brands can learn from some of the most engaging and original events happening in culture right now.​

In this episode we’re looking at what Challenger Brands can learn from Office TikTok's. Here’s why pulling back the curtain on day-to-day life behind your brand can deliver brilliant results.


Playful Authenticity

Office TikToks are the perfect way to showcase the people behind your brand. The Sheer Luxe team are queens of this authentic approach, with their content ranging from what the team are working on this week and office outfit inspo, to TV shows they love to binge and what they admire about each other. These playful interviews make us feel like we know them on a personal level, so we’re more likely to trust their recommendations in future.


Anti-Advertising Stance

Challenger brands often focus on landing surprise over noise in order to stand out and spark conversation. Nappy brand Rascal + Friends lean into an anti-advertising strategy by creating billboards based on negative TikTok comments, sharing terrible results from social photoshoots, and saying their boss will buy them VIP Taylor Swift tickets if they hit 500k followers. Their BTS office-style content cuts through the stereotypical parenting clutter and racks up millions of views.


Challengers often have limited resources.​ The beauty of TikTok is that you don’t need huge production budgets to create engaging content – the more raw and more authentic your footage, the better! With your office as your set and your people as the stars, you’ve got a social content series at your fingertips. What are you waiting for?

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